Bat Jack Grip Trainers Are The Best Baseball Training Aids that Develop The Proper Baseball Bat Grip

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We believe in helping players reach their
full potential by simplifying difficult skills... 

The Bat Jack does this for the swing!
Check out how!

"The Bat Jack gives an immediate consciousness of the barrell and the top hand... A great tool for players at every level!"

- David Segui
15 Year MLB Player -
Baltimore Orioles, New York Mets, Montreal Expos, Seattle Mariners, Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians
.291 Career Batting Average

Bustos Bat Jack Grip Trainer

"I've used this grip since I was 14 years old. Now we have an unbelievably effective tool, The Bat Jack, that helps you find the right grip for more power. It's worked for me, now let it work for you!"

- Crystl Bustos
Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist,  2000 & 2004
World Record Holder for Home Runs in an Olympic Series
2008 Team USA Softball Player of the Year

"I really like how simple and easy The Bat Jack is to use. It gives the hitter an instant, natural feel of where his grip should be on his bat...  It's simple, straight forward, and it works. I like it!"

- Bruce Fields
Current Hitting Coordinator - Detroit Tigers
Former MLB Hitting Coach -Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers
Former Major League Player, Detroit Tigers and Seattle Mariners

"I like the way The Bat Jack trains your hands to grip the bat correctly, giving you maximum bat speed and whip. The feel you get with The Bat Jack grip allows you to make adjustments to your swing very quickly. This piece of training equipment is certainly useful for players of all ages and at every level."

- Gary Thurman
Current Outfield Coordinator - Washington Nationals
Former MLB First Base Coach - Miami Marlins
Former 9 year Major League Player - Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Seattle Mariners, and New York Mets

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Add Bat-Speed, Power
and Control to your swing!

You've worked so hard!

Now it's time to take your swing
to the next level!

Baseball Softball Bat Grip Training Aid The Bat Jack

Within seconds you will feel the
power and impact of The Bat Jack!

Fits on
  ANY BAT SIZE  from youth to the Pros!

Baseball Bat Grip Training Aid The Bat Jack
     How to grip a baseball bat properly The Bat Jack Grip Trainer


Baseball Bat Grip Training Aid The Bat Jack  THE BAT JACK GRIP TRAINER
* Increases BAT-SPEED and POWER
* Maximizes  BAT-CONTROL
* Helps to minimize deep "Thumb Bruises" 
  * Helps to develop the proper SLOT POSITION 
  * Fits both
RIGHT & LEFT handed hitters
  * Fits on ANY BAT SIZE youth to professional
  * Can also be used on ANY TYPE OF TRAINING BAT 
  * For use in both BASEBALL & SOFTBALL


How to grip a baseball bat properly The Bat Jack      The Bat Jack Grip Trainer Made In USA

Unleash your power and immediately unlock the secret to the grip!

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