Bat Jack Grip Trainers Are The Best Baseball Training Aids that Develop The Proper Baseball Bat Grip

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"With today's players overemphasizing pulling their hands and knob inside the ball, they have the lost feel for the most important part of the bat, THE BARREL! The Bat Jack gives an immediate consciousness of the barrel in the top hand. This allows the hitter to be in control of the ENTIRE bat, eliminating up to two feet of travel distance to the ball. A great tool for players at every level!!!"

- David Segui
.291 Batting average over a 15 year Major League career. Played for the Baltimore Orioles, New York Mets, Montreal Expos, Seattle Mariners, Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, and the Cleveland Indians

"I've used this grip since I was 14 years old. Now we have an unbelievably effective tool, The Bat Jack, that helps you find the right grip for more power. It's worked for me, now let it work for you!"

- Crystl Bustos
Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, 2000 & 2004
World Record Holder for Home Runs in an Olympic Series
2008 Team USA Softball Player of the Year

"I have been working with Crystl Bustos for 10 plus years and she taught me this style grip when we first met. Being able to see it, feel it and fix it is what coaching and teaching is all about. The grip, in my opinion, is key as to being able to control the bat, and The Bat Jack offers a simple, effective way of placing the hands on the bat and keeping the bat out of the back of the top hand. In my opinion it allows control to release the bat angle with much more power and accuracy. The hands can lead the bat head with much better control and release the bat head to the ball using the wrists. It's the same grip used by carpenters to drive a nail, and we want to drive the ball or nail it!"

- Howard W. Carrier
Crystl Bustos' Personal Hitting Coach For Over 10 Years
Fastpitch Hitting Expert

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