Bat Jack Grip Trainers Are The Best Baseball Training Aids that Develop The Proper Baseball Bat Grip

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Baseball Bat Grip Training Aid: The Bat Jack

How does The Bat Jack work?

A: It gives an instant feel and feedback to the player on how the grip on the bat should be positioned. By hitting with The Bat Jack during practice, the players grip will improve and develop. With increased use, the player will develop consistency within the grip providing more control over the bat. When The Bat Jack is taken off, the player will naturally align his/her grip into the same position that The Bat Jack provided. The Bat Jack creates good grip habits that the player can feel instantly and will want to repeat every time he/she grips the bat.

Q: What level of player is The Bat Jack intended for?

A: The Bat Jack benefits all age groups and skill levels. It has helped to develop and maintain a powerful grip on the bat for players ranging from age 7 to professional baseball and softball hitters. We have seen professional hitters hit with The Bat Jack, then take it off for their sons to use when they hit. They all feel the benefits immediately.

Q: Is The Bat Jack safe?

A: Yes, The Bat Jack is completely safe for all users and it actually reduces the likelihood of the bat flying out of young hitter's hands during the swing.

Q: When I receive my Bat Jack does it come with instructions?

A: Yes, on the back of the package there is a simple step by step guide showing how to use The Bat Jack. The Bat Jack Grip Trainer is very easy to use and doesn't need complicated explanations to show how to use it. There is an instant feel once you grip the bat and hit with The Bat Jack.

Q: Can I still release my top hand off the bat when I hit with The Bat Jack?

A: Yes. The design allows the hitter to either hold on with both hands or release the top hand during the finish of the swing.

Q: Can I hit with The Bat Jack in games?

A: The intended purpose for The Bat Jack is for training and practice, however The Bat Jack is allowed in game use under ASA Rule 3 Section 1D: "Any attachment such as a molded finger grip, flair cone or choke up device must be attached with grip tape" This means The Bat Jack is allowed, but a piece of grip tape must be used to help secure it to the bat in addition to the velcro. Currently, The Bat Jack is only allowed for game use under the ASA rule.

Q: Are there any other color Bat Jacks available?

A: Currently the only two colors available are the "original black" and the "Bustos Edition lime-green". Additional colors will be available sometime in the future.

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