Bat Jack Grip Trainers Are The Best Baseball Training Aids that Develop The Proper Baseball Bat Grip

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Jim Rickon The Bat Jack Grip Trainer


Baseball Bat Grip Training Aid: The Bat Jack

The Bat Jack Grip Trainer was designed and developed by a former professional baseball player and current professional Hitting Coordinator, Jim Rickon. Jim has over sixteen years of professional baseball experience and has worked with boys and girls ranging from youth leagues to the Major Leagues. Over the course of his career he has seen an epidemic in poor grip alignment that leads to poor swing paths and very frustrated hitters.

Jim's passion to help players reach their full potential led him to develop the way to give hitters the feel and sensation of a grip that maximizes bat control and bat speed.

Thousands of hard working players, accross this country and others, have become less frustrated with their game by using the power of The Bat Jack.

The Bat Jack can be used in many different ways. Many players use it during soft toss, off the tee and also during batting practice. It is also ideal for  one hand drills with short bats (either top hand or bottom hand) keeping a strong and properly positioned grip on the handle of the bat during all hitting drills.

The Bat Jack is also a great tool for players that are beginning to learn how to switch hit. The Bat Jack helps the player to become more comfortable with the proper bat grip of their non-natural side.

Another great use... Players that grip the bat deep, in the palm of their hands, often get "thumb bruises" from getting jammed. The Bat Jack is a great piece of baseball equipment for this because it helps to ease the pain of "thumb bruises" by getting the bat handle out of the bruised area when hitting. Not to mention it will develop the proper hitting grip for those players which will help to eliminate the chronic "thumb bruise" all together.

The Bat Jack Grip Trainer is patent pending and proudly made in the U.S.A.

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